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800 Bunches of Carrots – Corvus Landing Farm in Neskowin

Salad mix, oh so fresh, and sweet carrots, oh so crunchy, and much more are fully stocked and ready at the Corvus Landing farm stand on summer Tuesdays, 10 am to 4 pm. The vegetables, plant starts, and fruits of the season are so delicious in part because farmer Carolina Lees carefully selects varieties that thrive in the coastal environment on her farm.

Ask Carolina what her favorite vegetable is and she’ll say, “I always have lots of favorites.” While, she’s not one to fall for fad-vegetables she is however a fan of the new mini lettuces since they are so good to eat, and so cute!

Fresh tender salad greens from Corvus Landing Farm
Fresh tender salad greens from Corvus Landing Farm. Photo credit: Corvus Landing Farm

Carolina’s path to farming grew out of her strong interest in social justice and hunger activism. She found herself working 6 years in a row on well-established organic farms and loved it so much she started her own farm in Neskowin in 2010. With dedicated, thoughtful persistence, Carolina built a successful farm business on less than an acre of land. Last year she sold over 1,000 pounds of salad mix, over 2,000 pounds of potatoes, 800 bunches of carrots and so much more, all from just three-quarters of an acre.

Carolina’s favorite aspects of farming? “The puzzle of it. Keeping it efficient, getting all the parts working together to make it flow.” She also adds, her love and fascination for plants, being able to contribute to the community, and “It keeps me active and eating really well, working outside, being at home.”

Find Corvus Landing Farm produce at the Corvus Landing farm stand on Tuesdays (98605 Slab Creek Road, Neskowin), Geneden Harvest Market on Thursdays, Neskowin Farmers Market on Saturdays, and frequently featured at Hearth and Table Restaurant and Trillium Natural Foods.